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What is a Biome?
A biome is a large scale eco-system.
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What is the Biosphere?
The area's of Earth populated by living organisms.
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Give 3 examples of Biomes.
Any of the following: Tundra, Desert, Boreal forest, Coniferous / evergreen, Tropical Forest, Temperate Grassland, Temperate Forest, Tropical Grassland
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What Biome would be the most present in the UK?
Temperate Forest
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Name 2 Climatic Factors.
Any of the Following: Temperature, Precipitation, Sunshine hours
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Why are rainforests focused around the equator?
Because moisture from the air is rained down at the equator due to perfect conditions.
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Why would the equator be warmer than other regions of the earth?
The equator is warmer because the sun is closest to that part of the world and thus the rays don't have to travel as far as regions that are more north or south of the equator.
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Name both processes of Precipitation and what they do.
Evaporation - The process of turning liquid water into water vapour (a gas), Condensation - The process of turning water vapour into water.
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Name the 2 Latitudes and explain about sunlight hours throughout the year.
Low Latitudes - Recieve the same ammount of sun all year round, High Latitudes - Recieve an uneven amount of sunlight throughout the year.
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Explain the Environment Nexus.
This is food, water and energy being dependant on each other for curtain tasks, for example Water is used to grow food, while energy is used to transport it and Water helps create Biofuels
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Explain the Term "Affluence"
Another word for Wealth.
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What is Urbanisation?
The growth and expansion of Urban Areas eg. Cities and Towns
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What is Industrialisation?
The growth and expansion of Factories and Industry.
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Give a potential method of irrigation.
Sprinkler, grow crops along river, rainfall
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State the 4 different levels in a tropical rainforest refering to tree's.
The top is the Emergents, then the Canopy, then the Under Canopy and lastly at the bottom the Forest floor.
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Explain the Theory of Malthus.
Malthus beleived that the population was rising faster than the food production.
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Explain the theory of Boserup.
That Food production willrise rapidly due to new technologies and the population will never catch up.
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What is the Biosphere?


The area's of Earth populated by living organisms.

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Give 3 examples of Biomes.


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What Biome would be the most present in the UK?


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Name 2 Climatic Factors.


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