Geography Weather and Climate

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1. Describe a rain gauge

  • A cylinder which catches rainfall and has a funnel to direct the rain into a measuring flask
  • The day to day changes in the condition of the atmosphere
  • A tube filled with mercury set in a reservoir, which balances the weight of the mercury against atmospheric pressure
  • A weather map showing the isobar pattern and the symbols for the weather
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2. Which of these answers is not a reason why a thermometer should be kept in a Stevenson Screen?

  • Air is able to flow through
  • Keeps the thermometer off the ground
  • Painted white to reflect heat
  • Thermometer is not influeced by direct sunlight

3. Which of these is not a source of data used to produce a weather forecast?

  • a weather ship
  • an anemometer
  • a land based station
  • a geostationary satellite

4. Which is the correct order for cloud formation as a depression passes?

  • altostratus, cirrus, nimbostratus, cumulonimbus, cumulus
  • cirrus, altostratus, nimbostratus, cumulonimbus, cumulus
  • cirrus, nimbostratus, altostratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus
  • cumulus, altostratus, nimbostratus, cirrus, cumulonimbus

5. Which of these changes do not occur in a depression?

  • tropical maritime air mass is lifted off the ground by a polar continental air mass
  • air rotates in an anticlockwise direction
  • cumulus clouds form at the warm front
  • cumulonimbus clouds form just before the cold front passes


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