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1. How might an errupting volcano NOT change the climate?

  • Leads to global warming by producing hot lava
  • Sulfur dioxide produced forms droplets of sulfuric acid that reflect solar radiation
  • Ash produced blocks out sunlight
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2. Which of these answers is not a limit of forecasting?

  • Weather is always changing, as weather systems swap eg anticyclones change to depressions
  • Data is never complete (too many aspects of the weather to measure)
  • Weather instruments break frequently
  • National weather stations do not give accurate predictions for local areas

3. Which of the following weather conditions is not experienced in a winter anticyclone?

  • Absence of cloud cover
  • Fog and mist
  • Heavy rain
  • Low temperatures

4. What elements of the weather does a weather balloon record?

  • temperature, wind speed and cloud cover
  • temperature, air pressure and wind speed
  • wind direction, wind speed and air pressure
  • precipitation, temperature and wind speed

5. How does a radiometer work?

  • It uses radio waves to take pictures of cloud patterns
  • It uses infrared waves to record wind speeds
  • It uses infrared waves to take pictures of cloud patterns
  • It uses microwaves to record wind speeds


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