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2. Why is there water shortage in the Sahel region?

  • The Sahel only has 2 seasons (wet and dry). However, when the rain comes it doesn't last for long so the rest of year is spent in drought.
  • It is near the equator.
  • It is landlocked

3. Large scale water management projects are more socially sustainable than smal-scale projects

  • True. There are more people working (more jobs so economically sustainable), more water and will last longer
  • False. Small scale projects only provide 1 or 2 jobs and don't get a lot of water.

4. Where is the Sahel?

  • USA
  • In the Garden
  • North Africa
  • Denmark

5. What is an example of a small scale water management project

  • Builiding a river
  • Tanzania - Afridev handpumps
  • Drinking less water


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