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1. Why is there water shortage in the Sahel region?

  • It is landlocked
  • The Sahel only has 2 seasons (wet and dry). However, when the rain comes it doesn't last for long so the rest of year is spent in drought.
  • It is near the equator.
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2. There is going to be a decrease of wetlands as a result of Global Warming.

  • True. This is the case in Sahel
  • False. There is still lots of rain.

3. There is going to be more drought because of Global Warming

  • True. The heat will cause more water to evaporate and water shortages to increase.
  • False. Precipitation rate will increase.

4. Where has overe-abstraction of ground water reserves taken place in?

  • India
  • Sahel
  • Yorkshire

5. It is likely that flood rate is going to decrease rapidly as a result of Global Warming

  • False. The glaciers are melting so more water is being added to the seas and rivers.
  • True. There will be more barriers around rivers due to urbanisation so floods are not likely to take place.


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