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1. What are the 3 examples of human activity that impact water supply?

  • Reservoir construction, Deforestation, Overabstraction of ground water reserves
  • Deforestation, Plumbing, Drinking Water
  • Farming, Reservoir Construction, Pollution
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2. How does Reservoir construction impact water supply?

  • Serves as a public water source that can be used in the Winter
  • It takes up a lot of space and can hold rainwater

3. Large scale water management projects are more socially sustainable than smal-scale projects

  • True. There are more people working (more jobs so economically sustainable), more water and will last longer
  • False. Small scale projects only provide 1 or 2 jobs and don't get a lot of water.

4. There is going to be more drought because of Global Warming

  • True. The heat will cause more water to evaporate and water shortages to increase.
  • False. Precipitation rate will increase.

5. Why did the water used in agriculture increase over the years?

  • People wanted more money
  • Population was growing so more food had to be grown
  • There was more rain


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