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1. What is the South-North Transfer project

  • It is a dam across the river, which stores water that can be accessed by th North of China as they have less water supplies
  • They have built a river so that water can be used by both the South and North
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2. What are the 3 examples of human activity that impact water supply?

  • Reservoir construction, Deforestation, Overabstraction of ground water reserves
  • Deforestation, Plumbing, Drinking Water
  • Farming, Reservoir Construction, Pollution

3. What is an example of a large scale water management project?

  • China - South-North transfer project
  • Themes river

4. Global Warming may lead to more very dry and very wet seasons. True or False.

  • True. This is happening in the UK and Bangladesh
  • False. That could never happen. It is likely that it will only be hot because Global Warming means heating.

5. There is going to be a decrease of wetlands as a result of Global Warming.

  • True. This is the case in Sahel
  • False. There is still lots of rain.


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