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2. How do these handpumps work?

  • It accesses water from underground and is pumped up the the surface with pipes. It is not a very hard machine to operate on.
  • One person turns a wheel for a whole day to generate electricity to bring the water up.

3. Global Warming may lead to more very dry and very wet seasons. True or False.

  • True. This is happening in the UK and Bangladesh
  • False. That could never happen. It is likely that it will only be hot because Global Warming means heating.

4. There is going to be a decrease of wetlands as a result of Global Warming.

  • True. This is the case in Sahel
  • False. There is still lots of rain.

5. Where is the Sahel?

  • In the Garden
  • Denmark
  • North Africa
  • USA


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