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2. what characteristics follow the bradshaw model?

  • width,bedload, velocity, wetted perimeter and gradient
  • bedload, velocity, discharge, gradient and width
  • width, depth, cross-sectional area, wetted perimeter and hydrulic radius
  • with, depth, velocity, cross-sectional area and hydraulic radius

3. what characteristics dont follow the bradshaw model?

  • bedload, velocity, discharge and gradient
  • width,bedload,velocity and gradient
  • with, depth, velocity and cross-sectional area
  • width, depth, velocity and bedload

4. what does gradient downstream?

  • increase 1.3-1,7
  • decrease 1.9-1.1
  • very slightly increase 1.3-1.4
  • very slightly decrease 1.5-1.4

5. what does velocity do downstream?

  • decrease 0.5-0.2ms
  • decrease 0.5-0.3ms
  • increase 0.7-0.9ms
  • decrease 0.9-0.2ms


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