Geography River landforms

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Erosional landforms
Features often found in the upper course of the river.
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A waterfall is a sudden drop along the river course.
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A steep-sided valley is left where the waterfall once was.
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Interlocking spurs
Hill that a river meanders around in a V-shaped valley. When viewed from downstream, these spurs appear to be locked together.
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Erosional and depositional landforms
Features often found in the middle course of the river.
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A bend in a river
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Oxbow lakes
a curved lake formed from a horseshoe bend in a river where the main stream has cut across the narrow end and no longer flows around the loop of the bend.
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Depositional landforms
Features often found in the lower course of the river.
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an area of land which is covered in water when a river bursts its banks.
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Ridges or banks formed by deposits of alluvium left behind by the periodic flooding of rivers. Can also be artificially constructed banks or walls.
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where the river meets the sea.
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The sediment deposited by rivers. Also known as silt.
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The volume of water in a river passing a point in a given time. Measured in cumecs (cubic metres per second).
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Sheltered coastal areas where mud is deposited by tides or rivers.
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Plunge pool
The pool of water found at the bottom of a waterfall. It is an erosional feature which has been created by a combination of hydraulic action and the abrasion of the plunging water.
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River cliff
Steep bank created on the outside of a river bend by the erosive effect of fast-flowing water undercutting the bank.
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Slip-off slope
Gently sloping bank found on the inside of a river bend because of slow-flowing water, depositing sediment.
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A waterfall is a sudden drop along the river course.

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Interlocking spurs


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Erosional and depositional landforms


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