Geography population quiz

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1. what are the reasons for high birth rate in stage 1?

  • government have policies to increase population
  • low population
  • limited birth control, children are income, children are a sign of fertility
  • disease, not enough anathetics, mosqitoes
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2. why would an MEDC have a high death rate

  • high infant mortality rate
  • AIDS
  • old age population
  • wars

3. what is the odd one out?

  • longevity
  • fertility
  • mortality

4. what si the odd one out in what population pyramids can show

  • the effects of war
  • the movement in and out of a country
  • the effects of natural change
  • the effects of migration

5. define population structure

  • the proportion of males and females in an area, usually in the form of age distributions.
  • the migrant has to migrate because of circumstances.
  • a permanent or semi-permanent change of residence of an individual or group of people.
  • the number of live births per 1,000 women ages 15-49 in 1 year.


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