Geography population quiz

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1. give an example of forced migration

  • migrant labour move from pakistan to the persian gulf
  • the movement of mexicans to the USA to work as farmers
  • The repatriation of germans into unified germany
  • the movement of aid workers
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2. what is a rural case study for migration

  • isle of purbeck, dorset
  • sau paulo, brazil
  • doncaster
  • manchester

3. name a case study of population change due to migration

  • poland to slough
  • USA to UK

4. what countries are in stage 3?

  • peru, sri lanka and kenya
  • China, cuba and australia
  • Canada, UK and usa
  • ethiopia, amazonian tribes

5. give an example of a country with an ageing population

  • UK
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Uganda


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