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1. what are the shapes of the pyramids showing DTM stages

  • concave, pyramidal, biconcave and expanded
  • all pyramidal
  • cncave, biconcave, inverted, extraverted
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2. what can population structure be represented by

  • migration
  • a pyramid
  • a graph
  • juveniles

3. What is the defintion of longevity?

  • A type of sausage.
  • the number of live births per 1,000 people in 1 year.
  • the increase in life expectancy over a period of time.
  • the average number of years from birth that a person can expect to live.

4. which describes stage 1 on the DTM?

  • death rate slightly exceeds the birth rate. This causes the population decline.
  • A period of high birth rate and death rate, both of with fluctuate. Population growth is small.
  • A period of high birth rate but falling death rate. The population begins to expand rapidly.
  • a period of falling birth rate and continuing fall in death rate. Population growth slows down.
  • a period of low birth rate and low death rate, both of which fluctuate.

5. what are the economic benefits of migration

  • reduced under employment
  • higher pressure of resources in area
  • they dont send money home


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