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1. reasons for fallling death rates in stage 2?

  • better quality drainage systems
  • better health, better food, low child mortality
  • higher child mortality rate
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2. what is the odd one out for reasons for decline in stage 5?

  • independence of women
  • high incidence of disease
  • rise in individualism
  • ageing population

3. what is a problem of an ageing population?

  • decreases death rate
  • housing resources
  • not enough pension demands
  • too much bingo

4. which is the odd one out within limitations of the DTM?

  • doesnt include 5th stage
  • timescales are not flexible
  • doesnt include role of government
  • it is eurocentric

5. what si the odd one out in what population pyramids can show

  • the effects of migration
  • the effects of natural change
  • the movement in and out of a country
  • the effects of war


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