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2. what is the definition of an asylum seeker?

  • a person forced to migrate
  • ‘the formal application by a refugee to reside in a country when they arrive in that country’.
  • persons unable or unwilling to return to their homeland for fear of persecution, based on reasons of race, religion, ethnicity or political factors.

3. which is the odd one out within limitations of the DTM?

  • doesnt include 5th stage
  • it is eurocentric
  • timescales are not flexible
  • doesnt include role of government

4. why do people have 8 or 9 children in sub saharan africa

  • tradition, because they wont survive and little education
  • because they like children
  • because they want too exceed birth rate of friends

5. what are the shapes of the pyramids showing DTM stages

  • concave, pyramidal, biconcave and expanded
  • all pyramidal
  • cncave, biconcave, inverted, extraverted


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