Geography Key Terms

1. What is a composite volcano?

  • A volcano that occurs at a constructive boundary
  • A volcano with just steep slopes
  • A volcano with steep slopes + layers of ash and lava
  • A volcano with gentle slopes
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2. What does the richter scale measure?

  • Magnitude of hurricanes
  • Magnitude of earthquakes
  • Strength of volcanoes
  • Magnitude of Tsunaims

3. What are social impacts?

  • Impacts of a natural hazard that affects the environment
  • None of the above
  • Impacts of a natural hazard that affect people
  • Impacts of a natural hazard that affect homes

4. What happens at a destructive boundary?

  • The plates disappear under the ocean surface
  • None of the above
  • The oceanic crust subducts under the continental crust
  • The plates move together

5. Viscous lava

  • Thick lava that has cooled slowly and flows slowly
  • Thick lava which has cooled quickly and flows slowly
  • Thin lava that flows quickly
  • None of the above


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