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What do triangular graphs show?
the relationship between three different components
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positives of triangular graphs?
+show relative importance which may not be easy to see from a data table +shows clusters
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negatives of triangular graphs?
- data must be in % -can be difficult to read and construct
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What do dispersion graphs show?
a range of values in a data set
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positives of dispersion graphs?
+useful for making comparisons +visually effective
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negatives of dispersion graphs?
-data must be in a form which can be placed along a number line
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What are logarithmic graphs?
a graph with increasingly large scale to show a wide range of data
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positives logarithmic graphs?
+useful when a large range of data needs to be presented
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negatives of logarithmic graphs?
- difficult to construct and analyse
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What is a choropleth map?
asap that show how something varies between different areas using colours and patterns
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positives of choropleth maps?
+visually effective to easily see patterns
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negatives of choropleth maps?
- a whole area with one shading pattern appears to have the same density with no variations in it -gives the impression that the density changes abruptly at the boundary line
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What does a dot map show?
the distribution and quantity using identical symbols
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positives of dot maps?
+good visual representation of data and roughly where it is +allow major features of a distribution to be shown
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what does proportional symbol maps do?
use symbols of different sizes to represent the data- similar to dot maps
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what do flow line maps show?
movement of items of people from one place to another using proportional arrows
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positives of flow line maps?
+shows general direction of movement and size
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negatives of flow line maps?
- lacks precise sats
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what do isoline maps show?
a map with lines linking up all the places where something is the same
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positives of isoline maps?
+useful to interpret date and compare places
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negatives of isoline maps?
-difficult to construct -element of guess work involved in positioning the isolines
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positives of triangular graphs?


+show relative importance which may not be easy to see from a data table +shows clusters

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negatives of triangular graphs?


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What do dispersion graphs show?


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positives of dispersion graphs?


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