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2. On what plate boundary did the Kobe earthquake occur on?

  • Conservative
  • Destructive subduction
  • Destructive collision
  • Constructive

3. Which one of the below is a secondary impact during the Haiti earthquake?

  • People lived in camps for over a year.
  • 180, 000 homes destroyed.
  • Aid arrived from abroad in the form of food.
  • 3/4 of damaged buildings were repaired.

4. When did the Kobe earthquake take place?

  • 12th january 2004
  • 11th July 1985
  • 17th January 1995
  • 24th November 1999

5. Which two plates caused the conservative plate boundary in Kobe?

  • Indonesian and Eurasian plate
  • Philippines and South-American plate
  • Philippines and Eurasian plate
  • North-American and Caribbean plate


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