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what year was the china flood of the 3 gorged dam that killed 3500 people?
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how many people had to relocate as the result of the 3 gorges dam?
1.2 million
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how much did the 3 gorges dam cost to build?
180 billion yen
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what happened in 1995 to the River Cole?
programme to restore it to its original form
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how much higher was the river coles new channel?
1.2 m
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what kinds of rock is Barton on Sea made of?
salt clay and barton sand
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what was put in place december 93' as a result of cliff slip on the Western front?
rock armour to reduce undercutting
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when did a collection of defences collapse at cliff house?
september 2001
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what was the name of the new theater in brighton?
floral pavillion
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what is the kings parade brighton?
sea wall - 4m high and 2.3 km long
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what was the eq magnitude that caused the 2004 boxing day tsunami?
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what plate was subjected below the eurasian plate?
indo australian
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how many people were killed in the tsunami?
250,000 +
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how many people in Aech lost their livelihoods?
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what amount of money was offered for 3rd child as a part of the "code de la famille" ?
1064 euro
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what is the current french fertility rate?
2.01 (1.73 for the rest of europe/central asia)
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what % of global agricultural land does china have?
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how many males does china now have for every 100 females?
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how much has Chinese fertility rate dropped by up to 2009?
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how much greater was annual GDP/head in the UK than in Poland?
nearly 2.5x greater @ £30,900
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what percentage of young poles were unemployed?
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what to polish migrants contribute to the british economy yearly?
£2.5 billion
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what is the capital of Indonesia?
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what % of remaining rainforests were on the outer islands of Indonesia?
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how much did the internal migration scheme cost the government?
$7000 per family
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how much greeters the average age of Four oaks compared to Aston?
14 years
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what % more of astons population are external immigrants compared to four oaks?
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how many times more of the population of aston are in social housing compared to our oaks
6x more - 414 and 2982
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in 2001, what 5 of purbeck residents were over the age of 65?
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how many villages in purbeck don't have a general store?
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what% of the population of purbeck are not white british?
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which of the villages in purbeck has better facilities and why?
Core Castle - tourism
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how many forms of public transport are there in purbeck?
4 bus routes, a ferry, and the waterloo-weymouth line
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by how much will the population of >65s in the uk change 2002-2050?
it will double
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what is the uks current fertility rate?
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how many votes come from people over the age of 65 (UK)?
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what is the UKs worker:pensioner ratio?
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what proportion of the ideal £23,475 can the UK gov afford per pensioner?
£6000 - around a quarter
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how many children born per woman in the Gambia?
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what is the rate of maternal mortality through child birth in the Gambia?
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whats the name of the NGO that decreased birth rate by 1.2% in The Gambia by introducing subsidised condoms?
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what country's government have introduced a forest management scheme in The Gambia?
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when did the first Ugandan AIDS control programme begin?
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what did the 1990 USAID programme increase by 85% in Uganda?
condom usage
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when was the programme for ART distribution i Uganda renewed?
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how much had Ugandan GDP called by?
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what have Ugandan treatment/ education programmes increased life expectancy to?
59 years
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how many deaths does CHD cause in the UK every year?
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how much does CHD cost the UK per year?
£90 billion. direct health care, productivity loss and informal health care
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by what % has deaths of
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what caused a 27% reduction in CHD in the UK?
2007 public smoking ban
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what % of UK gov expenditure is on health care?
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what is french life expectancy?
81.6 years
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how much does health care cost a family of 4 per year in the US?
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what proportion of Malawis yearly income comes from Tobacco?
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how many did BAT provide with clean water in Malawi?
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how much does a single stick cigarette cost in Malawi?
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what is GSKs "patent pool"
allows other companies to improve upon their work
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how much money did GSK give to red cross after the Haiti disaster?
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how much more do "designer" drugs cost compared to regular drugs?
3-30x more
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what part of the UK has highest rates for infectious disease?
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what area of the UK has the highest rates of breast bowel and prostate cancer?
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what % of northern Kenya was malnourished because of the drought?
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how many people died as result of the drought?
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how much aid was needed in the Horn of Africa?
$136 million
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how many GP practices does Birmingham CCG have?
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how much was the budget of ham CCG in 2013?
£886 million
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how much lower are birmingham life expectancies?
1.5 years
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how many people had to relocate as the result of the 3 gorges dam?


1.2 million

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how much did the 3 gorges dam cost to build?


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what happened in 1995 to the River Cole?


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how much higher was the river coles new channel?


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