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2. What are the global warming gases?

  • Co2, Methane, Calcium and Nitrous Oxide.
  • Co2, Methane, Water Vapor and Nitrous oxide.
  • Borax, Aluminium, Hydrogen and Helium.
  • Methane, Co2, Oxygen and Citric Acid.

3. Why do Industries move to China?

  • Industries find it cheaper in China and can trade nearly everywhere.
  • They like the food.
  • The people make it better there and makes it look different.
  • They can get to the UK quicker.
  • They can change there company to be more like the culture making people buy it more.

4. What does GHG stand for?

  • Green House Gases.
  • Grassy Homes Greens.
  • Great Hole Gases
  • Golden House Gases.

5. What are the benefits of Global Warming in the Tundra?

  • They can have better transportation methods and farm easier.
  • They don't fall over.
  • They get water.
  • Their houses are wonky.


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