how something is spread out
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the prosses of people moving from rural to urban
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push factor
things that make you want to leave an area
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pull factor
attracting people to an area
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quality of life
the wellbeing of people. how happy you are
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subsistence farming
small scale farming , growing enough food to feed your family
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money sent back to family in source area by migrant
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green belt
land that is protected , uless the government akes and exception
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an area that hasnt been built on before
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brown field
an area that has been built on before
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honeypot site
a place that attracts a large amount of visitors
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air/ noise/ aesthetic pollution
negitive elements that harm or damage an area
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a certain time at a certain place
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average weather conditions over a period of time
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pressure system
large mass of air having simular air pressure characterisitcs
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storm surge
the rise in sea levels that cause costal flooding during a hurricane
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eco system
community of animals and plants and the habitat which they live
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equatorial climate
the climate that tropical rainforest exist in
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process of trees been cut down on a large scale
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indigenous people
the original inhabitants of a place
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sustainable development
improving peoples standard of living and quality of life without wasting resources or harming the environment
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a term to describe all plants,trees
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nutration cycle
which nutriants from plants are added into the soil and taken back up by plants
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convectional rainfall
rain produced when warm air rises
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living things
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non living things
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when dry or arid environments become more desert
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inter tropical convergence zone
point where air rises , both northan and southern hemisphere to be dragged in together
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a prolomged period of abnormally low rainfall , leading to a shortage of water
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supporting one self at a minimal level
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nomadic farming
a lifestyle that involves moving your lifestock from place to place in search of fresh pasture
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non government organisation
a charity that provides help for those that are suffering
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bi-lateral aid
aid given from one country to another
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multi- lateral aid
aid that comes from more that one country usually in form of a NGO
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the country that provides help
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country receving help
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emergency aid
help given in responce to a major disaster
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deveopment aid
long term help such as investment in schools, health clinics and a countrys infrastructure
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the prosses of people moving from rural to urban

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push factor


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pull factor


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quality of life


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