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1. what is the description of using renewable energy sources?

  • use new alternatives to the actual sources but less contaminants
  • the strategy of not using cars so often and using the option of public transport.
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2. If we got a couple of degrees warmer what could be grown?

  • maize/peach/grapes/nectarines
  • peach and apples

3. what is happening to the earth's temperature?

  • it further increases
  • decreases

4. what kind of pests can thrive?

  • Colorado beetle/cockroaches/fleas/mites/Bloodsucking ticks/ scorpions/ poisonous spiders and even malaria carrying mosquitoes
  • david cameron/politicians/ kim jong eun/
  • maybe oliver carr?

5. what causes dry conditons in the region?

  • a cool sea temperature, high pressure, high temperatures
  • warm sea temperature, low pressure, low temperatures
  • uma temperatura do mar fresca , a baixa pressão , altas temperaturas


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