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1. what is a biome?

  • a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat.
  • usa ka dako nga natural nga nahitabo komunidad sa mga tanom ug mananap nga nag-okupar sa usa ka mayor nga mga pinuy-anan
  • una comunitat natural de flora i fauna que ocupen un hàbitat important
  • una grande comunità naturale di flora e fauna che occupano un habitat importante
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2. how many years take each cycle?

  • eccentricity: 100,000, obliquity: 410000, procession: 10000-23000
  • eccentricity: 100,000, obliquity: 41000, procession: 10000-23000
  • eccentricity: 600,000, obliquity: 41000, procession: 10000-23000
  • eccentricity: 200,000, obliquity: 51000, procession: 20000-23000

3. where do pikas live?

  • in rocky talus slopes and lava flows throughout the western U.S. and cool, high-mountain habitats
  • in kim jong un concentration camps

4. The recent floods and storms in the UK could also be part of a pattern _________occurring as a result of __________.

  • of more extreme weather/climate change
  • soft weather/climate change

5. what is the description of energy efficiency?

  • turn off appliances at night or when it's not being used
  • recycle old materials or leftovers that you don't need


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