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1. what happens in australia in normal years?

  • 蒸発を引き起こす暖かい海水温度があり、それが結露ので、降水を引き起こす高圧に追加湿った条件があります。
  • ఆవిరి కారణమవుతోంది ఒక వెచ్చని సముద్ర ఉష్ణోగ్రత ఉంది, తర్వాత దాన్ని బాష్పీభవనం మరియు అందువలన అవక్షేపణం కారణమవుతుంది అధిక పీడన జోడించబడింది తేమ పరిస్థితులు.
  • there is a warm sea temperature which causes evaporation, then there is moist conditions that added to the low pressure it causes condensation and therefore precipitation.
  • existe uma temperatura do mar quente, o que provoca a evaporação , então não há condições de humidade adicionada aos alta pressão que provoca a condensação e portanto a precipitação .
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2. what could happen to these temperatures by 2080?

  • it could rise to more than 3°C
  • it could rise to more than 2°C

3. what would be connected to the temperatures of the tundra?

  • permafrost soil
  • pingu
  • pokemons
  • killer whales

4. will the varieties of plants grown in the UK will also be affected by global warming?

  • yes
  • no

5. what kind of pests can thrive?

  • Colorado beetle/cockroaches/fleas/mites/Bloodsucking ticks/ scorpions/ poisonous spiders and even malaria carrying mosquitoes
  • david cameron/politicians/ kim jong eun/
  • maybe oliver carr?


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