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1. what are the strategies used by individuals in order to address climate change?

  • recycling/energy efficiency/using renewable energy sources/ alternative forms of transport
  • contaminating/petrol/wars/
  • china/us/tuvalu
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2. where do pikas live?

  • in rocky talus slopes and lava flows throughout the western U.S. and cool, high-mountain habitats
  • in kim jong un concentration camps

3. what is the threat of rising sea level compounded of?

  • by the fact that the UK is gradually tilting.
  • greenhouse emissions

4. what are the stages of milankovitch?

  • procession/eccentricity/obliquity
  • procession/obliquity/eccentricity
  • eccentricity/obliquity/procession
  • eccentricity/procession/obliquity

5. what could happen to these temperatures by 2080?

  • it could rise to more than 3°C
  • it could rise to more than 2°C


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