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2. what can pikas act as?

  • 'early-warning' indicators of how distributions of species may shift in the future.
  • warnings for climate change

3. how much colder would be the earth without the greenhouse effect?

  • about 10°C colder
  • 6°C

4. what are the mylankovitch cycles?

  • a phenomenon in the earth's orbit that consist in 3 cycles: eccentricity,obliquity and procession
  • a phenomenon in the earth's orbit that consist in 4 cycles: eccentricity,obliquity,procession and volcanism
  • eccentricity/obliquity/procession
  • a phenomenon in the earth's orbit that consist in 2 cycles: obliquity and procession

5. what happens to south america during El Niño years?

  • there is a warm sea temperature which causes evaporation, then there is moist conditions that added to the low pressure it causes condensation and therefore precipitation.
  • trade winds blow eastwards causing an uplift of nutrients in the coast of Australia and the high pressure in the area of indonesia and australia added to the high temperatures and the lack of precipitation causes bushfires and droughts in the area
  • the same as normal years but intensified in australia there is floodings, heavy rainfall and mudslides while in south america there is bushfires and droughts


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