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2. How do you know if something is sustainable?

  • If it causes damage.
  • If it helps people.
  • If it lasts into the future, if it meets the needs of the people and makes money, if it doesn't cause enironmental damage.
  • If it lasts long.

3. What is backwash?

  • Is the flow back to the sea after the wave has broken.
  • Coastal erosion.
  • Sea level rising.
  • Money thrown away at sea.

4. What is the development gap?

  • Is the difference between the most and least developed country.
  • Is the difference between young and modern countries.
  • Is the difference between poor and old countries.
  • Is the difference between young and old countries.

5. Name three facotors affecting development.

  • Climate, trade and debt.
  • Climate, money and food.
  • Food, money and life expectancy.
  • Food and water.


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