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1. How do you know if something is sustainable?

  • If it causes damage.
  • If it lasts into the future, if it meets the needs of the people and makes money, if it doesn't cause enironmental damage.
  • If it lasts long.
  • If it helps people.
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2. What is swash?

  • Polluted seas.
  • Dirty water rising.
  • Is the white foamy water that rushes up the coast.
  • Waves and sea.

3. What is an LEDC

  • Most Developed Country
  • Newly Industrialised Country
  • Less Economically Developed Country
  • Least Developed Country

4. Name three types of aid.

  • Buying from other countries.
  • Bilateral Aid, Multilateral Aid, Voluntary Aid
  • Giving aid, recieving aid.
  • Giving from one country to another.

5. Why do some countries lag so far behind in development?

  • Because of war.
  • Because of lack of food.
  • Because of Historical Reasons, Enironmental Reasons and Socio-economic Reasons.
  • Because they are poor.


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