Geographies of performance

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1. Whats one of the ideas of performativity

  • understanding power in the production of social norms
  • playing close attention to non cognitive experiences and knowledge
  • that certain performances bring people together
  • that people perform as result of rules and codes
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2. Whos is the theorist for non representational ?

  • Judith Butler
  • Nigel thrift
  • Erving Goffman
  • Houston

3. What fields did geographies venture in too after cultural geography was known?

  • Sociology and anthopology
  • feminist geography
  • the art of performance
  • static properties

4. What Working for performance category did the idea of understanding the world through sense appear?

  • sociological or dramatargical
  • Non representational
  • performantivity

5. What is the main idea behind utopia performances?

  • emphasis the creativity of the body
  • that performers are subversive
  • Bring people together
  • The formations of performance


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