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The transport networks and the water, sewage and communications systems that are vital to people and their settlements and businesses
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A flow of wet material down the side of a volcano's ash cone which can become a serious hazard
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Natural Disaster
A natural event or hazard causing damage and destruction to property, as well as personal injuries and death
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Natural Event
Something happening in the physical environment, such as a storm, volcanic eruption or earthquake
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Plate Movement
Mainly the coming together and the moving apart of tectonic plates
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Forecasting future events or changes
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Pyroclastic Flow
A devastating eruption of extremely hot gas, ash and rocks during a period of explosive volcanic activity; the downslope flow to this mixture is capable of reaching speeds up to 200kph
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Risk Assessment
Judging the degree of damage and destruction that an area might experience as a result of a natural event
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Storm Surge
A rapid rise in sea level in which water is piled up against the coastline to a level far exceeding the normal. It tends to happen when there is very low atmospheric pressure and where seawater is pushed into a narrow channel
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The pushing down of one tectonic plate under another at a collision plate margin. Pressure and heat convert the plate into magma.
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Tropical Revolving Storm
A weather system of very low-pressure formed over tropical seas and involving strong winds and heavy rainfall (also known as a cyclone, hurricane or typhoon)
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A tidal wave caused by the shock waves originating from a submarine earthquake or volcanic eruption
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A flow of wet material down the side of a volcano's ash cone which can become a serious hazard

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Natural Disaster


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Natural Event


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Plate Movement


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