Genetics, selection, speciation

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1. In complete dominance is where alleles are at the same strength. If a homozygous white and a monozygous red were to mate, what phenotype would the offspring have if white and red are incomplete dominance?

  • Pink
  • Half red offspring and half white
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2. In the Hardy- Weinberg criteria, what does the F stand for

  • Frequency( allele)
  • Fertility (equal)
  • Family (large)

3. In selection, what does the R stand for?

  • Reproductive success
  • Rivalry
  • Race of life

4. What is the autosome?

  • A picture of all the chromosomes
  • All the chromosomes apart from the sex chromosomes
  • Just the sex chromosomes

5. Which of these isn't coded for on only the X chromosome?

  • Hair growth
  • Eye colour
  • Ability to clot blood


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