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Name two other factors that could influence behaviour other than genes
Environmental and physical influence
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Give examples of environmental influences
Propaganda, influence of parents' tastes
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Give examples of physical influences
Training, malnourishment
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What are behavioural genetics?
How genetics and the environment both contribute to individual variations in behaviour
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We have inherited 93% of our genes from what?
Rhesus macaque monkeys
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Is one gene responsible for a complex behaviour?
No - it is the building block for a complex behaviour
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What do genes do?
Give rise to the development of physiological processes that contribute to certain characteristics
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What do some scientists think about genetics?
An individual may have the genetics for a certain behaviour but it will not manifest without the correct environmental stimuli
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How is the diathesis-stress model used to explain depression?
Depression is caused by 'genetic vulnerability' and traumatic environmental stimuli in early childhood
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Why is there no cause-effect relationship with regards to genes?
Genes are complex
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What is the 1990 human genome project?
James D Watson wanted to identify all 25,000 genes to map the genetic make-up of humans
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What does the 1990 human genome project help to explain?
Human behaviour and treatment
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Can we match specific genes to specific behaviours?
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What do correlational studies do?
Establish if there is a relationship but cannot say if there is a cause-effect relationship because IV not manipulated
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What are monozygotic twins?
Identical twins
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How are monozygotic twins created?
One egg splits into two
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What similarities do monozygotic twins have?
Same sex, appearance and genetics
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What are dizygotic twins?
Non-identical twins
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What differences do dizygotic twins have?
Different sexes, 50% of genes
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What is concordance rate?
The correlation between genetic relationship and similarity of individuals for a certain characteristic
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What percentage of genes do you have in common with first cousins?
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What does heritability mean?
Genetic similarity
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The higher the heritability...
The greater the concordance rates
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Why are adoption studies useful?
To see genetic and environmental similarities
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Do adopted children share any genes with foster parents?
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If heritability is high and environmental influence is low, what would the adopted child's behaviour correlate with?
More with the real parent than adopted parents
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If environmental influence is high but heritability is low, what would the adopted child's behaviour correlate with?
More the adoptive parents than the real parents
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Are adoption studies representative of the population?
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Why is it particularly hard to separate genetic from environmental influences?
Selective placement ( place children with families who are similar to parents)
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Research into the environment and genetics has meant researchers can...
Determine the extent of genetic influence
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What did governments and schools design in 20th century?
Tests to indicate someone's intellectual potential
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Who was Alfred Binet and what did he design?
A pioneer in intelligence who designed a test to improve the French education system
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What evidence suggests genetics and environment plays a role in development?
Poverty has important influence on the development of children's intelligence
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What did Professor Richard J Hernstein do?
Published the 'bell curve' idea into whether and to what extent genes and the environment have anything to do with ethnic differences
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Who disputed the 'Bell curve' idea? Why?
The media as they found it unacceptable that there are intergroup differences in intelligence
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Give examples of environmental influences


Propaganda, influence of parents' tastes

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Give examples of physical influences


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What are behavioural genetics?


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