MB1 - Genes and Evolution

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1. Somebody needs some water but they are poorly, so their dad gets them some water. What evolutionary behaviour does this demonstrate?

  • Kin Selection
  • Evolutionary noise
  • Reciprocal altruism
  • Mutations
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2. Which of these is not a feature of social structure theory of mating preferences?

  • Mating strategies are learnt through social roles
  • Those who strongly fit social roles have higher chance of survival and so are preferred mates
  • Biological and environmental factors interact
  • Social roles are learnt from parents and maintained through time

3. What is strategic pluralism?

  • Different behavioural strategies may be adaptive in certain environments and so are preserved through evolution, even if contradictory.
  • Multiple behavioural strategies are adaptive in the same environments and so are preserved through evolution
  • Complimentary behavioural strategies increase ability to adapt and so are preserved through evolution
  • Multiple behavioural strategies are needed for different environments and the ones that aid survival the most are the ones preserved through evolution

4. Which of these facts about the big five are false?

  • Have equal importance
  • Important through evolution
  • Universal traits
  • Helped survival and reproduction

5. What is the difference between a genotype and phenotype?

  • Genotypes are genes from the father and phenotypes are genes from the mother
  • Genotypes are observable and phenotypes are not
  • Genotype is the genetic limitations of development whereas phenotypes are the interaction between genes and the environment
  • Genotypes are an individuals genetic makeup whereas phenotypes are characteristics caused by the environment


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