MB1 - Genes and Evolution

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1. What is the main assumption of evolutionary psychology?

  • All characteristics help survival and reproduction
  • Human nature is the expression of innate biological tendencies
  • Humans are a blank slate
  • Laws of learning applies to all organisms
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2. Which of these describes how genes affect the environment?

  • Selecting environments
  • Human gene intervention
  • Epigenetics
  • Phenotypes

3. What is the difference between a genotype and phenotype?

  • Genotype is the genetic limitations of development whereas phenotypes are the interaction between genes and the environment
  • Genotypes are genes from the father and phenotypes are genes from the mother
  • Genotypes are observable and phenotypes are not
  • Genotypes are an individuals genetic makeup whereas phenotypes are characteristics caused by the environment

4. Certain problems can arise when the general public interpret theories of evolution. Which of the following problems describes circular reasoning?

  • Thinking about survival of the strongest instead of survival of the fittest
  • People think that because a trait is evident now that it was caused by evolution
  • Attributing all characteristics to natural selection as if evolution is planned
  • Thinking that all behaviours are caused by genes and so are unavoidable

5. Somebody needs some water but they are poorly, so their dad gets them some water. What evolutionary behaviour does this demonstrate?

  • Mutations
  • Kin Selection
  • Reciprocal altruism
  • Evolutionary noise


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