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2. what causes energy losses

  • pull, drag, chemical
  • air resistance, friction, sound, current
  • flying, speed, drinking
  • current, drag, potential
  • friction, noise, vibrations

3. which one of these is NOT a form of energy

  • electrical
  • friction
  • gravitational potential
  • chemical
  • light
  • thermal
  • elastic potenial
  • sound
  • kinetic
  • nuclear

4. energy efficiency=

  • total input energy x useful output energy
  • calories eaten for dinner/ price of fish and chips
  • useful output energy/ total input energy
  • total input energy/ useful output energy

5. biomass/bio fuels are...

  • chemical energy- potential energy
  • chemical energy- thermal energy in burning
  • thermal energy of biological matter- electrical energy
  • kinetic energy of biological matter- thermal energy in burning


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