General Defences

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1. Case deciding the wrong mean s legally wrong not morally wrong when thinking about the nature and quality of an act in the defence of insanity

  • Windle
  • Clarke
  • M'Naghten
  • Matthews & Alleyne
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2. Case deciding that if Ds automatic state was self induced but he had no mens rea, that he could still use the defence in specific intent offences

  • Quick
  • Hardie
  • Bailey
  • Smith

3. Leading case for insanity

  • Windle
  • M'Naghten
  • Byrne
  • Clark

4. Consent may be implied regarding the jostling's of everyday life

  • Barnes
  • Wilson & Pringle
  • Woollin
  • Olugboja

5. Case deciding that police protection may not always be effective when considering the defence of Duress

  • Hudson & Taylor
  • Abdul-Hussain
  • Shepherd
  • R v Cole


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