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2. How can we demonstrate emphasis in a performance ?

  • Both
  • Using more projection and focus on specific movements
  • Neither
  • Using more powerful dynamics on specific movements

3. What is menat by the term allignment in dance?

  • Alignment means the positions of the limbs in relation to the other limbs
  • Alignment in a dance means to escape and make the actions light and fast
  • Keeping the body pulled up and straight. With the head slightly raised
  • No idea!

4. Why is musicality important and what effect does it have?

  • Communicates the theme
  • Shows good timing
  • All of these
  • Creates a more powerful performance

5. What is meant by the term emphasis in dance?

  • Emphasis means putting more power into or highlighting a specific movment
  • Emphasis means to put less power into a movement
  • Emphasis means to add humour to a specific movement


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