General Dance Terms and knowledge

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1. How can you demonstrate musicality

  • 4 Keeping in time with the music
  • 1 Performing with similar dynamic qualities e.g a strong beat in music with steady rythmic movement or slow classical with a gentle fluid dynamics.
  • The numbers one, three and four are correct
  • 3Matching accents in the music with actions (music visualistaion)
  • 2 Going agaisnt the music
  • The numbers one, two and four are correct
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2. How can we demonstrate emphasis in a performance ?

  • Using more projection and focus on specific movements
  • Both
  • Using more powerful dynamics on specific movements
  • Neither

3. Why is alignment important?

  • It makes the actions more athesitcally pleasing
  • All of these
  • It reduces the risk of injury

4. Why is emphasis important in a performance ?

  • It engages the audience and directs attention to specific movements
  • It dis-engages the audience and directs attention to unspecific movements
  • It engages the audience and directs attention to specific lighting

5. How can you ensure saftey in a place were you are going to be dancing ?

  • All of these
  • Make sure the room is the right temprature
  • Checking the height of ceilings when performing lifts
  • Checking for spillages/obstacles
  • Appopriate dress
  • Warming up and cooling down properly
  • None of these


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