Gender Unit: The Role of Genes and Hormones

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1. What can genetic females who are exposed to large doses of male hormones develop?

  • female genitalia
  • no genitalia
  • ambiguous genitalia
  • male genitalia
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2. What may cause individuals to be intersex?

  • Exposure to abnormal prenatal hormone levels
  • Exposure to abnormal hormone levels in adulthood
  • Exposure to abnormal prenatal levels

3. The is some evidence that testosterone cause these in the developing brain...

  • sex differences
  • sexual desire
  • sex similarities
  • sex preferences

4. Who carried out animal studies which confirmed the relationship between testosterone and sex differences?

  • Sharable et al
  • Nagasaki et al
  • Quadagno et al
  • Waitangi et al

5. What is a problem with the research in this field?

  • it may lack generalised ideas
  • it may lack mundane realism
  • it may lack generalisability
  • it may lack reliability


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