Gender- Gender Dysphoria

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1. Define the following explanation of gender dysphoria: 'Parents of people with gender dysphoria often report that they encouraged and gave attention to their children when they cross dressed. This could contribute to confusion between sex and gender

  • Psychosocial
  • Social
  • Biological
  • Biosocial
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2. Support--> 70 boys with gender dysphoria, none of which had evidence of biological causes such as altered hormone levels, instead common factor was a lack of stereotypical male model

  • Ehrhardt and Money
  • Rekers
  • Yalom
  • Walster

3. Define the following explanation of gender dysphoria: 'Prenatal hormone levels may be affected by genetic conditions which can lead to a mismatch between hormones and biological sex.'

  • Psychosocial Approach
  • Biological Explanation
  • Biosocial Approach

4. Gender Dysphoria is...

  • Being born half male and half female
  • Experience of being uncomfortable with the gender assigned to an individual at birth
  • Not knowing your gender

5. What are some solutions to Gender Dysphoria?

  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Sex change operation, gender reassignment
  • There are no solutions


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