Gender- Evolutionary Explanations

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1. Study on social groups in Papua New Guinea providing evidence of cultural role differences and found different tribes had different gender characteristics depending on location suggesting gender is culturally determined

  • Hargreaves
  • Mead
  • Wood and Eagly
  • Kenrick et al
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2. Mead is ______ for the Evolutionary Approach to Gender

  • Challenge
  • Support

3. The way they have evolved to be bigger and stronger is a...

  • Male mating strategy
  • Female mating strategy

4. Xavante Hunter gatherers found pattern of reproduction and offspring tends ti reflect that of most of the people suggesting an evolutionary basis

  • Hines
  • Kenrick et al
  • Wood and Eagly
  • Mead

5. Which gender uses Courtship?

  • Female
  • Male


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