Gender, ethnicity and social class in education

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1. Who argued careers advice given to WC students differs to that given to MCs and WC's are viewed negatively due to clothes, language and behaviour?

  • Rosenthal and Jacobsen
  • Cicourel & Kitsuse
  • Merton
  • Ball and Keedie
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2. Which Marxist criticised vocational education, arguing youth training schemes were little more than cheap labour?

  • Finn
  • De Waal
  • Marcuse
  • Parsons

3. Who said boys develop laddish behaviour to reassert their authority over girls?

  • Connolly
  • Jackson
  • Rosen
  • Willis

4. Who agreed with Douglas that the main influence in class differences in attainment is parental interest?

  • Rosen
  • Labov
  • Fernstein
  • Bernstein

5. Who said middle class parents can play the system to get their children in to the best schools and identified three different types of choosers?

  • Ball, Bowe and Gewirtz
  • Fernstein
  • Becker
  • Merton


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