Gender Dysphoria

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3 main areas explored?
Mental illness, Mother-son relationship + BSTc
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What are individuals with GID also called? (gender identity disorder)
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Why study this topic?
help us to understand those with the disorder + to try and help them feel comfortable in the gender in which they wish to be
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What is GID
when individuals feel uncomfortable with the sex which they have been assigned with at birth + can lead to gender reassignment /sex change operations
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Mental illness- Coates et al
Boy aged 3, reported feelings of GID- thought it was to try and compensate for the fact that the mother was severely depressed from aborting a girl
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Mental illness- Cole et al
Looked at a group of boys with GID + control - found no significant differences in psychological illneses
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Mother-son relationship - Stoller
interviewed boys with GID + mothers = found that there was an overly close relationship
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Mother-Son relationship - Zucker et al
found that out of a group of boys with GID , 64% of them had seperation anxiety
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BSTc what is it + why is it being studied
Area of the brain - in heterosexual males is 2X larger than a heterosexual women. Thought to correspond to size of that of the preferred gender
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Zhou et al // Kruijver et al
Found that the size of the BSTc in Male to female transsexuals corresponded to that of a heterosexual female
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Chung et al
This change is size of BSTc only happens in later life + individuals with GID report these feelings earlier one
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Hulshoff- Pol et al
Found that hormone therapy influences the size of BSTc + those in the Zhou et al //Kruijver et al study were on hormone replacement therapy
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Puts blame on mother, also no clear link between 1 of the factors + GID. More research is needed, but originally used to understand those with GID
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What are individuals with GID also called? (gender identity disorder)



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Why study this topic?


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What is GID


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Mental illness- Coates et al


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