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2. what sociologist stated that crime doen't have the same meaning or seriousness in all cases?

  • Young
  • Tumin
  • Hammer and Saunders
  • Walklate

3. what do femenist research suggest in regards to statistics on domestic violence?

  • they are an accurate view of the problems
  • it depends on the statistic
  • they greatly underestimate the problems
  • they greatly overestimate the problems

4. what has the CSEW shown since 1982?

  • fewer women are victims of crime
  • equal numbers of men and women are victims of crime
  • fewer men are victims of crime
  • more women are victims of crime

5. how many more times are women more likely to have been reported as being a victim of sexual assult?

  • 7x
  • 8x
  • 2x
  • 10x


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