1. what is a schema?

  • the X-shaped bodies that carry all the genetic information for an organism.
  • a cognitive framework that helps organise and interpret information in the brain. a schema helps an individual make sense of new information.
  • the recognition that gender is a constant, not just across your lifetime but in different situations.
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2. what syndrome is due to XXY?

  • Kohlberg's
  • Klinefelter's
  • Turner's
  • Intersex

3. what is internalisation?

  • occurs when an individual accepts the attitudes or behaviours of another.
  • an individual adopts an attitude or behaviour because they want to be associated with a group or person.

4. What is Stage 1 of Kolhberg's Theory?

  • gender constancy across time and situations, now ready to learn gender-appropriate stereotypes.
  • gender based on appearance, can change if appearance changes, linked to Piagets pre-operational thinking (conservation)
  • gender stays the same over time, children lack the ability to conserve and still swayed by appearance e.g. dress worn even if genitals showing (McConaghy)

5. what is intersex?

  • learning through observing others
  • an individual who is neither distinctly male nor female because of a mismatch between for example, chromosomes and genitals.
  • the body's chemical messengers


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