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2. What does the study by Smith and Lloyd demonstrate?

  • That parents judge children based on their clothing colour
  • That parents have overclose relationships with their children
  • That parents treat their children differently based on their sex
  • That hormones are most influential

3. According to the Schema theory, what happens at adolesence?

  • They become androgenous (masculine and feminine)
  • They realise gender is fixed
  • Carry the belief that gender cannot be changed
  • They have fragile gender labels

4. What is the issue with using case studies?

  • They only follow the person for 1 week
  • Theyre unique cases that cannot be generalised
  • They are limited in data
  • They're deterministic

5. Which theory of gender is considered most holistic?

  • Social learning theory
  • Biosocial theory
  • Biological theory
  • Cognitive theories


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