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2. What does non-falsifiable mean?

  • The study cannot be applied to other people
  • It CANNOT be proven or disproven
  • The study doesnt condiser any alternatives
  • it CAN be proven or disproven

3. What is one biological cause of gender dysphoria?

  • Attachment theory
  • Fmaily Dynamics
  • Brain sex theory
  • Psychodynamic model

4. What does Margaret Mead's findings on tribe support?

  • Gender is flexible and socially learned
  • Gender is biological
  • Gender is predetermined
  • There are only 2 gender catagories that exist worldwide

5. Which theory involves aspect such as; Observe, Imitate and Reinforcement?

  • Cognitive theories
  • Biological Theory
  • Social Learning theory
  • Biosocial theory


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