gdr ; life in east germany ; western influence ; tv / films / music

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by 70s access to western music made easier by?
mass production of tvs
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and western stations could be picked up by?
aerial fiddling
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when watching western tv legally allowed?
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who were used to launch periodic campaigns against western broadcasts?
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what were these claleD?
Lightning against NATO transmitters'
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and involved snaking out which people?
those whose ariels pointed west
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many east germans able to avoid detection by?
using indoor aerials
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what was consequence of GDR limited budged for purchasing western film rights?
often showed up years after the west on GDR tv
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cinema audiences made up of what % young ppl in '80s?
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what film franchise was banned by GDR?
james bond
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glorified western spies
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but personal favourite of?
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who did what?
watched them on videos boguth for him in west berlin by stasi
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what films were popular in GDR?
ET / Fame
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here what worked together to provide access to new musical trends?
radio / tv / magazines
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western radio stations like what transmitted across GDR?
radio luxembourg
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in '60 broadcasts included british grps like?
the beatles / the rolling stones
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what radio station for pop and western music was est in '64?
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amount western music limited to gov regulations no more than what %?
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how western music widely distributed?
recorded with home equipmet or by '70s cassette players and sold
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license for live-groups taken away if what
group persisted to play western songs
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measure difficult to enforce on what kind of groups?
underground groups
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gov also encouraged young people to do what?
make public pledges they wouldn't liste to western music
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despite restrictions west music became v faashionable w/?
GDR youth
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west german magazine what had links to beat music?
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one fashion was the hairstyle referred to as (think grumio)?
mushroom head
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east german mothers and sisters often set to work doing what with clothes?
adapting eastern mass-produced clothes to look west
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in late '70s / early '80s what became popular crazes?
disco / punk
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comon to see mohican punks around fountain in middle of what big bad boii shopping centre?
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whreabouts in country were unable to recieve ewestern tv / radu?
far south east e.g dresden
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what did other east germans call it?
the valley of the clueless
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western music / fashion often used by youths as form of?
rebellion against state
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growing hair long represented?
resistance to conformity and authorities
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musical fashion used by both teddy boys and punks as way og?
rejecting value of GDR
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who were most likely influenced by trends?
yougn wc males that just left school
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harsh realities of working life created disillusionment esp with?
images of better life / freedom in west
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view all young were dangerous and rejecting society when only v few became beat boys / punks reflected what?
degree paranioa from gov
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in '65 gathering how manu beat music fans protested in leipzig?
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inability of beat groups to perform in city
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authority nervousness illustrated nu fact that over how many protesters just police informers?
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western influences promoted developments small gangs non-conformist groups such as who in leipzig?
capitol gang
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who congregated around local capitol cinema and did what?
openly listened to western radio to provoke the popo
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for most young people listening to west music / dressing west wasn't what?
act rebellion or political
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most young people didn't want removal SED/ end GDR but wht?
greater freedom / individual expression
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influences still led to greater disillusionment elading to larger numbers of?
border crossers
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was western influence the only reason for border crossers?
nah not even
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most young ppl did what in public?
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regime had plenty of ways of indoctrinating such as using what as gateway to uni?
education / FDJ / system of loyalty to party
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when was military constcription introduced?
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which provided tool for SED to?
mntn ideological tool over young male
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in this situation, no suprise western influences remained?
limited + superficial
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in '65 SED central committee issued directive that did what to stem western influences?
brought new ctrls / punishments
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in east berlin SED officials complained youth clubs seemed full of teenagers whose only interest was?
dancing to western music and getting drunk
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SED starting putting who in custody?
beat boys
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along with doing what to them?
shaving heads + giving practical clothe
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role of FDJ in doing what increased?
instilling good socialist values
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developed paranoia about western influences but also realised?
couldn't be prevented
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to SED what was alternative to permanenet wall escape?
temporary escape through visits / media
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for oldergen that dinny care bout music / clothes their main interest was?
west german news coverage
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useful counterbalance to?
propaganda in east german news
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hollywood blockbusters good for young but more thoughtful audience looed to?
GDRs own film studios
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based on outskirts potsdam called?
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which produced what alongide propagabda?
'artistic' films of genuine wuality
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by 70s access to western music made easier by?


mass production of tvs

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and western stations could be picked up by?


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when watching western tv legally allowed?


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who were used to launch periodic campaigns against western broadcasts?


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