gdr ; life in east germany ; repression + support for sed ctrl ; propaganda + censorship

SED used this combination to promote?
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and denigrate?
FRG + west
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when was SED's 3rd party congress?
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which declared all culture had to be based on?
marxist-leninist ideological priniples
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consequently, significant emphasis placed on?
soviet stuff like plays / art / lit etc
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as well as banning western works that were?
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also promotion of what other kind of art / lit / plays etc?
classic german
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with GDR portrayed as?
genuine representative of Germany's achievements
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how were ordinary working class germans in the third reich portrayed?
victims of facism
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how did GDR as rest ebloc have to portray socialism?
only political ideology that could offer hope to ppl
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GDR had to often continually defend self against?
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GDR highlighted western social problems such as?
homelessness / drug use / unemployment
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while fending off accusations if what?
totalitarianism / ack freedom (esp. travel)
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which escalated after what major event?
berlin wall building
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to west what did wall become?
easily criticised object
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what did artist graffiti show?
even possible to paint criticisms on wall dierctly
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what did GDR call the wall?
'protective barrier'
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SED tried to depict wall as essence of?
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behind which?
new GDR could be built
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GDR had ctrl of all aspects of mass meida within GDR save for the exception of?
church newspapers
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and the church were only permitted to write what?
religious non-political articles
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gov controlled tv / radio but what was always more popular?
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whatwas the big overtly political propaganda show?
the black channel
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which had around what % audience share?
5% (bc it wasn't popular @ all)
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in '70s and the whole national identity thing propaganda was used extensively to promote the GDR as what?
unique non-german state
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what were removed from names + institutions?
references to shared german culture
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and what kind of propaganda increased?
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success of this seems to have been limited based on what after wall fell?
push for reunification
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pop culture seemed difficult to ctrl as GDR versions simplydrowned out by?
more sophisticated western media
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state ad greater succes with ctrl of what kind of cultural output?
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why SED fearful of influence of writers?
saw them as fostering rebellious spirit in hungarian rev + prague spring
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therefore writers regarded as what @ outset of careers regardless of loyalty?
potential enemies
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intellectual spheres heavily infiltrated by?
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and special surveillance campaigns orchestrated for years against indiv writers like?
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what were some leading art figures?
stasi agents
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sascha anderson lead poet and frontrunner of eberlin underground culture in '80s worked to paralyse scene by doing what?
controlling contacts / spying / informing on artists
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experience of writers showed how which two things could be used together to impose censorship on the gdr?
propaganda + stasi
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the constitution expressedly forbade what?
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but what did one-party rule of SED mean?
all areas of publication underwent censorship
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first done internally through?
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but then gov org looked at?
degree censorship needed / extent publication allowed
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such as?
foreign publishers / just GDR
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negative portrayal of what was not permitted?
communism / GDR (shocker)
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and topics involving what kinds of issues discouraged?
ones the SED found 'crude' e.g crime / ****
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there were press releases several times a week from who?
Public Relations Office
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that made what clear?
what kinds of stories could be run / angle SED wanted presented
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all professional journalists trained by?
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and selecte for?
loyalty / political views
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good example of censorship would be which '65 film?
the rabbit i me
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which higlighted?
judicial corrputoin / political subversion
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what did SED do?
ban it
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but @ same time approved which crime comedy accused of having hidden agendas?
hands up or i'll shoot
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after the censor already having cut how many scenes?
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arbitrary nature of these films known as 'rabbit bans' shows what
nature of censorship often depended on circumstances and who created it rather than political messge
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most writers and artists tried to do what to get published?
work within the guidelines
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what happened with most propaganda?
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but that doesn't mean what was always believed?
western media
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what were western news programmes seen as?
more important source of honest info than german
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but most popular shows were american like?
dallas / dynasty
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unfortunatelyfor SED propaganda was most effectvie on who?
party itself
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as it came to believe it was doing what?
creating politically free utopia w/in GDR
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faith stopped leadership from reacting quickly to events when
late '80s
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who less convinced by propaganda?
regular citizens
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but to characterise germans as what would be exaggeration?
extremely hostile
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and denigrate?


FRG + west

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when was SED's 3rd party congress?


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which declared all culture had to be based on?


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consequently, significant emphasis placed on?


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