gdr ; life in east germany ; repression + support for sed ctrl ; FDJ

FDJ for what age range?
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and what for 6-14 years?
young pioneers
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from very beginning why were groups mixed gender?
to differentiate youth orgs from those under nazis
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what was FDJ newspaper?
junge welt
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had largest circulation of any GDR paper @ what in '50s?
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after what year were FDJ / JP only youth orgs recognised by SED?
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mmbshp not compulsory so why did so many join?
failure to attend could jeopardise future
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why was active involvement in FDJ vital for anuone who was to study prestigious career e.g medicine?
FDJ had say in uni placement selection
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once completed school / apprenticesjop mmbshp dropped to around what fraction of 18-25yos?
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FDJ ctrlled over how many organisations?
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in which they encouraged?
youth pp along SED lines
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statute of FDJ was to do what?
'prepare best members for admission ascandidates into communist party'
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indoctrination would be achieved thru mixture of what kinds of events?
political activities + more fun-oriented social events
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over how many pupils attended a holiday camp in '83?
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out of how many gdr pupils?
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political message often ignored by members as authorities tried to do what?
keep pps interested
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in early '80s FDJ exec reluctantly allowed what @ discos?
rock music
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and started to organise rock festivals such as?
Festival for Political Songs
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which atrtacted performers from aroudn how many countries a year?
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FDJ played more political role where?
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what was the name of the political sports events partly run by FDJ?
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more committed members were involved in doing which two things?
denouncing rebellious pupils / spying on inappropriate activities
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FDJ tried steer yuth away from what emerging groups in ;80s?
emerging environmental + peace pressure groups
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how did they do this>
by encouraging FDJ to take on these issues
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despite emphasis on?
military training
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for while FDJ urged members that it was?
'better Active than Radioactive'
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but still truggled to do what?
compete with other influences
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some youths gained experience of what through org?
political office
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setting them up for?
party career
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but most put up with propaganda for access to?
more leisure attitudes
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what does this men for effectiveness of org?
hard to measure
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what wa the FDJ uniform?
blue shirt w/ rising sun emblem
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how did youth view t?
way of access to discos
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rather than?
symbol of GDR new dawn
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by early '80s most young ppl preferred to spend their time how?
informally felxing with friends + listeing to western music + followe western trends
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so increasingly FDJ fd what?
they couldn't control youth
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through entire GDR span, FDJ struggled to find balance between?
relaxing rigid approach / cementing youth loyalty
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in '64 what did ulbricht criticise about FDJ?
their unimaginative response to young ppls needs
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while he also insisted on its use of?
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and what for 6-14 years?


young pioneers

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from very beginning why were groups mixed gender?


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what was FDJ newspaper?


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had largest circulation of any GDR paper @ what in '50s?


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