gdr ; life in east germany ; repression + support for sed ctrl ; stasi

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what was most obvious form of repression + ctrl?
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in early '70s and '80s modifications made creating?
second wall on GDR side
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area between konwn aas?
'death *****;
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wall guarded by GDR soldiers that recieved what for killing escaping citizens?
honours / extra pay / streets or buildings named after them
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est approx how many successful escape attempts from '61-'89?
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in wall existence nearly how many ppl shot @ border?
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and how many in GDR prisons w/ 2-8yrs sentences?
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when set up?
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to do what?
defend GDR against acts of sabotage from w/in gdr a.w.a capitalist west
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what did it call itself?
the sword and the shield (protecting and attackin)
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but colloquially it was known as?
'the firm'
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given orders from who?
directly from politburo
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to protect what?
socialist achievements / border
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@ beginning stasi how many full-time employees?
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and w/in 3yrs this rose to?
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who was the stasi leader until '53?
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why removed?
'53 uprising
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and replaced with?
erich mielke
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mielke remained to '90 and under him stasi grew in?
sclae + inf
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by late '80s how many full time employees?
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and an est how many IMs?
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in which decade was there a particularly rapid increase?
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direct response to negative effects of?
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such as increased exposure to who?
western visiotrs
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under honecker mielke became member of/
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and his title was?
minister of the stasi
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stasi work designed to make climate of fear among?
gen pop
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and deal with anybody doing what?
undermining SED
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stasi had direct authority to open?
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bank statements
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view what kinds of records?
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and use?
psychological torture
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where were cameras and recording equipment hid?
ties / briefcases / cig cases
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stasi worked in what kinds of places?
border crossings / passport offices / hotels / airports / factories / unis / army / hospitals / schools / church
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in what decade did stasi have to refine methods?
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as part of abgrenzung to counter winfluence what was stasi role?
root out enemies of socialism in all forms social life
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stasi even operated even one what to gather useful info esp. from west?
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as GDR more accepted on world stage what did stasi have to do?
reign in more violent control methods
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indivs + opps targeted with serioes of whats now?
subtle attacks to destry rep
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over how many phones a day bugged in leipzig?
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in dresden around what % of all post was opened and read by stasi erryday?
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barrage shady tactics would break down opposition over time and became known as?
'operational decomposition'
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stasi also collated what for SED to ascertain public opinion?
'mood reports' (kent davidson and his polls are quacking)
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then useful to help determine what specifically at critical points?
gov policy / propaganda focus areas
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stasi had dept that worked in foreign countries predominantly where?
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@ times stasi alsi liaised w/ terrorist groups like what around world?
IRA / left-wing red army faction of FRG
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this would involve bringing members of these orgs to GDR for what?
arming / training / financial support
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as well as sending agents out as?
military advisers
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yet while wlecoming stasi support none of these orgs did what?
depend on it
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ministry devoted resources to psychology dept where?
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which resaerched what?
ways to recruit individuals who would willingly collab w/ stasi
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stasi against individuals doign what?
making volunteer denunciations
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and prefered to recruit collaborators which they felt would improve both what?
quality / reliability of info
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after checks made on recruitment of potential informer what would happen
they'd be approached by stasi recruitment officer
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some resisted while some did what?
agreed to co-operate and signed official document to collect info on others
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why important not to generalise?
many a reason to cooperate
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some believed they were supporting GDR path toward what?
communist utopia
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and it was important to seek out?
those disloyal to egime
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these individuals regarded as?
most committed / productive
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others attracted by material rewards / career opps and what they felt was?
higher social status
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for some allowed them to gain what of their choice?
uni place
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or opportunity of?
better employment
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stasi generally opposed to what kind of rewards?
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but in society suffering consumer shortages some were attracted to promise of?
apt / car / phone / holiday
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others individuals in more vulnerable position for example parent of handicapped child may be offered?
child place @ special disabled school
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instances where stasi used what on informers as last resort?
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blackmailing and using coercion including recruiting individuals with what kind of behaviour?
bad guily behaviour that hadn't yet come to light
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some examples like?
affairs / drug use / homosexuality (not that that's bad but like @ this time i can imagine they weren't the most loving)
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stasi threatened to revela this info unless?
erson collaborated
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some IMs full time while others used for specific security tasks which usuall required what?
spying on fellow employees
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elite officers managed who?
other IMs
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and infiltrated?
opposition groups
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and worked to ruin?
targets' lives
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majority of IMs were used to do what?
report citizens' attitudes toward GDR / SED
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over what % by '88?
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by '85 this equated to 1 IM per how many citizens?
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turnover of IMs was high at what % a year in '80s?
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this significant level integration within society made stasi what?
such effective / feared organisation
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driving force behind stasi levels of surveillence whas what core belief?
danger to GDR from negative forces wast present @ every possible section of society
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paranioa equated anti-socialist opinion as bad as?
anti-socialist act
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and therefore strove to?
root it out
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enemies could be anywhere / everywhere so what was carried out?
gathering of any and all info
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like what extra things were all recorded and stored
items on shopping list / time house lights turned off / smell of individual
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sheer depth of stasi infiltration / secret collaboration only revealed when?
stasi files opened up in '90
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in lifetime of GDR @ least how many ppl stasi agents?
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and some put figure up as high as?
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org set up along military lines with its own what?
arsenal of weapons
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had its own whats?
uni degrees / own medals
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though why did medals have to be returned?
so they weren't accidentally discovered and cover exposed
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stasi worked alongside which 3 grps?
foreign intelligence org / NVA / border troops
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to protect what?
SED ctrl over GDR
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work of stasi led to political imprisonment of how many ppl from '49-'89?
200,000 - 250,000
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impossible to measure what about stasi?
how much damage don to ppls careers /erryday life
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SED promised social security for ppl with what?
extensive welfare
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and this was accompanied by surveillence system that did what?
stripped ppls self-confidence
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what was most obvious form of repression + ctrl?



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in early '70s and '80s modifications made creating?


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area between konwn aas?


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wall guarded by GDR soldiers that recieved what for killing escaping citizens?


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