gdr ; est rule ; why build the wall ; '50s emigration

emigration illegal from what year?
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how many east germans emigrated from formation to building the wall?
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what was gdr population in '49?
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and in '61?
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what type of people emigrated?
young skilled workers
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what did gov do to try prevent emigration of doctors?
specifically allowed them certain priveliges e.g right to travel abroad / uni places for kids
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by mid-'50s GDR had highest standard of living in?
eastern bloc
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but continuously confronted by?
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what happened to east germans that emigrated to FRG once they got there?
immediately granted citizenship
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and got assistance with
housing + finance
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why was it good to move to FRG?
shortage of labour in '50s + '60s so basically guaranteed job
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western agents had even been known to do what?
enter east berlin to recruit worker
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what was the pull factor for FRG?
material advantages
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and push factor from GDR?
repressive and restrictive existence
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when was the inner-german border between states closed
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what was created in Operation Vermin?
5km restricted zone on FRG / GDR border
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where what had been destroyed?
entire villages
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replaced by?
watchtowers / minefields / barbed wires
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what was required to acces zone?
special passes
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where only who could live there?
those loyal to GDR rest evicted
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border guards instructed to shoot who?
those that didn't stop when asked to
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for those who reached FRG what was consequence back home/
families / friends placed under surveillance and suffer reducd carrer / educational opps
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some emigrated successfully by applying for?
travel visas and then not returning
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but for GDR what created most chances for emigration?
west berlin
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was there any physical division in berlin?
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from mid'50s onward stasli started to do what to search for emigrators?
stalk / check mail
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emigration from GDR threat decrease availiable workforce by as much as what % over course of 7yp?
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this would allow FRG to do what
undermine GDR + show socialism as failure
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FRG continually referred to those that fled as what rather than 'migrants' ?
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once arriving in FRG why was it best to convince authorities they'd been persecuted?
better chances at financial / housing aid
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how many east germans emigrated from formation to building the wall?



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what was gdr population in '49?


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and in '61?


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what type of people emigrated?


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