gdr ; collapse ; reunification so rapid ; reunification march-oct

what kind of union had to come first?
economic > political
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GDR decline needed stabilising
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FRG had economic boom after?
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so what did kohl hope?
this would repeeat itself w ew currency / capitalist market policies
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relied on FRG strength to carry throught?
straignt one-to-one replacement w/ DM
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currency union took place on?
1st july '90
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what was the effect really lie?
bare detrimental
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what happened?
western goods flooded east and their own now non subsidied goods remained unsolved
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what rose throughout summer?
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in august how many farmers demonstrated against ending subsidies / inc european competition?
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what left them incapable of competing with the west
inefficiencies in all levels gdr industry
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effect of economic crisis did what?
encouraged reunification more speedily
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when was unification treaty signed?
31st aug '90
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agreed lander of GDR would become lander of FRG on what date?
3rd oct
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for legit reunidication there had to be agreement of who?
both germanys / all 4 occupiers
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achieved by what treaty
two-plus-four treaty
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sep '90
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in ussr agreement that united germany could continue with?
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withw hat provision?
no nato troops / weapons on former GDR
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complete ban on what for germany?
nuclear weapons
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negotiations completed in which month?
sep '90
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formal reunification took place on?
3rd oct '89
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GDR decline needed stabilising

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FRG had economic boom after?


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so what did kohl hope?


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relied on FRG strength to carry throught?


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