gdr ; collapse ; events leading to wall ; krenz + opening

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krenz immediately tried distance self from past by doing what?
removing old politburo members like mielke + ejecting honecker / margot / mittag from party
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what made him little more than a copy of honekcer > gorby?
admired tiananmen sq + limited reforms
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joke: what's the difference between krenz + honecker
krenz's gall bladder is still working
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hoped satisfy protestors by relaxing?
some travel restrictions
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and met wit?
churhc leaders / new forum
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tactical concessions designd to do what?
retan power
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propaganda stepped up against FRG claiming?
poor treatment of recent immigrants
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1m ppl attended demonstration in berlin on what date?
4th nov
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flooded into where broadcast live on GDR tv?
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2 days later how many ppl marched thru leipzig?
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for the first time cries for what were heard rather than just internal reform?
'germany - one fatherland!"
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who were concerned GDR instability would spread to them?
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krenz forced into?
further travel concessions
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between which dates did krenz first promise passports and visas for all east germans?
6-9 nov
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then reconmmended?
possession should allow emigration
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hoped this would happen orderly and be announced in?
8th nov
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to add to confusion whole politburo resigned on morning of?
9th nov
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in hope that?
nother reshuffle would convince country they were capable of ruling
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what is it a sign of that even this simple announcement went wrong?
disintegration of SED
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what was schabowski (new head of media)doing on 9th nov evening?
answering questionsfrom foreign journalists in live GDR press conference while v tired
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read from piece of paper from Krenz but?
hadn' t erad it before
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laid out permissions for?
private journeys abroad w/ no need to explain
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people would be free to do what?
travel any pt gdr
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but failed to read key paragraph that announced start date as?
10th nov
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when did he saw it wouldhappen?
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with in an hour headline in FRG?
GDR had opened border
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crowds overwhelmed border guards that did what?
let few @ time pass until eventually just like hundreds
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what happened @ brandenburg gate?
young people climbed on and danced
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and @ checkpt charlie?
hundreds on both side while barriers still closed
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when did east german commandant open barrier?
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when did GDR announce allborder crossing pts open?
2 past midnight
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why did soviet union play most vital pt?
did nothing
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what made him little more than a copy of honekcer > gorby?


admired tiananmen sq + limited reforms

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joke: what's the difference between krenz + honecker


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hoped satisfy protestors by relaxing?


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and met wit?


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