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1. What is the definition of a drug?

  • Something that alters the way the body works and can change the way you feel
  • Something that makes a perminant change on the performance of the body
  • Something that a doctor gives a patient when they are ill and in need
  • Something that is sold in dark alleys illegaly
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2. What is: STEWARDSHIP?

  • A symbol of hope
  • A special revelation from God
  • Caring for God's planet
  • Destroying God's planet

3. What type of care do hospices offer?

  • Plausible care
  • Terminal Care
  • Bad Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Good Care

4. What is the sacred sound of the universe?

  • Dharma
  • Ashrama
  • Aum
  • Nivarda
  • Ahimsa

5. What is the trinity?

  • The dove, the rock and the holy spirit
  • God, Jesus and Mary
  • The Father, the son and the holy spirit
  • A triangle
  • The Father, The Lord and the spirit from above


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