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Having weight in excess of normal (not harmful unless accompanied by overfatness).
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Having excessive body fat
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A term used to describe people who are very overfat.
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Characteristics of ectomorphs?
An individual with narrow shoulders and narrow hips, characterised by thinness. High jump, long distance running. Light and tall.
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Characteristics of mesomorphs?
An individual with wide shoulders and narrow hips, characterised by muscularity. Weightlifting, gymnastics (have broad shoulders so easier to lift their weight)
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Characteristics of endomorphs?
An individual with wide hips and narrow shoulders, characterised by fatness. Wrestling, shot-put where weight, and a low centre of mass is an advantage.
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What does BMR stand for, and what does it mean?
Basic Metabolic Rate. The number of kilojoules you use to stay alive each day.
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What does PAL stand for, and what does it mean?
Physical activity level. The number of kilojoules you use to fuel all of your physical activity.
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Pasta, cereals and potatoes. Provides quick energy. 60% of our diet should comprise carbs.
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Provides slow energy. Used for walking and low impact exercise - produces energy too slowly to be used when working hard. Found in oils, dairy products, nuts and fish
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Builds and repairs muscles. Used when training hard and recovering from injury. Power athletes (weightlifters) will eat more protein. Found in meat, pulses and fish.
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Helps the body work and helps concentration. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Making quick decisions.
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Helps release energy from food. Used when training hard and competitng. Fruit, vegetables and fish. eg. Calcium - strengthens bones. Iron - prevent fatigue
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A prolonged eating disorder due to the loss of appetite.
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Weighing less than normal, healthy or required.
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Optimum weight
Best weight or desirable weight - the best weight a player performs at.
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Factors affecting optimum weight
Genetics, bone structure, muscle girth, height, gender
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Macro nutrients
Nutrients your body needs in large amounts. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats
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Micro nutrients
Vitamins and minerals
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Having excessive body fat

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Characteristics of ectomorphs?


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