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1. What does ISP stand for?

  • Incoperated Service Provider
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Internet Saved Problems
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2. What does VR stand for?

  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Readability
  • Visual Readability

3. What does ROM stand for?

  • Read Only Memory
  • Random Only Megabyte
  • Raw Orange Melons

4. What does WIMP stand for?

  • Windows Icon Menu Pointer
  • Window Ice Man Pointer
  • Write Isolated Main Press

5. What does WORM stand for?

  • Write Once Read Many
  • Write Overwritten Redo Many
  • Written Once Readover Many


Danni bob.

This was a very informative quiz, thanks for the help with my revision!!

Laura Walton

Thank you for helping my last minute revision, very helpful!

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