GCSE Geography: Unit 3- 'Settlement Change'

A quiz on Edexcel's 'Settlement Change', featuring urbanisation, counter-urbanisation and more. 

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1. Which of these is NOT a negative impact of counter-urbanisation?

  • Local services used more, creating more employment opportunities
  • Conflict between local people and migrants
  • More demand for housing, increasing the asking price for local buyers
  • Increased pollution from commuters
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2. Which of these is NOT a main settlement function?

  • Market Centre
  • Commerce
  • Administrative
  • Strategic

3. What are the main reasons for rapid growth in LIC's?

  • Population increase, Epidemics
  • Better healthcare, War
  • Migration, Population increase
  • Increased life expectancy, More access to water

4. What is the centre of a city called?

  • The 'Central Hub of Commerce' (CHC)
  • The 'Central Business District' (CBD)
  • The 'Urban Fringe'
  • The 'Urban Sprawl'

5. Between 2001-2021, the UK population is expected to rise by how much?

  • 4.1 Million
  • 17.2 Million
  • 7.8 Million
  • 3.4 Million


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