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2. What process is used to create bottles?

  • vacuum forming
  • blow moulding
  • injection moulding

3. What is the name of the strucutre used to let the plastic grains into the machine in injection moulding?

  • skipper
  • hopper
  • jumper

4. What is the angle called that makes a shape suitable for vacuum forming?

  • angled
  • draft
  • straight
  • curved

5. What are the disadvantages of injection moulding?

  • Expensive to set up
  • Not very effecicient
  • Not good for mass production
  • requires lots of manual labour


Catriona Paton

haha, i did this quiz without realising you'd done it! I am so worried about graphics, i didn't realise how soon it was :S eeek

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