GCSE Edexcel Geography Quiz on Making a Living

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1. Why is it more difficult to build on brownfield sites?

  • Th areas are cheap to build on
  • The ground can be infertile
  • The ground may inhabit wonderful creatures
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2. Which one of these would be a job in the quarternary sector?

  • Teaching
  • Dentistry
  • Researching
  • Industrial jobs

3. Why are more people moving away from getting jobs in farming?

  • Farming is uncertain
  • Farming is boring even though it is highly paid
  • Farming is subsidised

4. Which one of these is an example of green employment?

  • Thinking of new materials to recycle
  • Making products from sustainable materials
  • Sending waste to landfill

5. Tertiary employment usually dominates in poor regions of a country?

  • False
  • True


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