GCSE Edexcel Geography Quiz on Development dilemmas

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1. People in areas such as China or India migrate because...

  • They want to experience a new part of their country
  • They want to escape poverty
  • They just want to find a new house because they are tired of the one they live in
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2. Peripheral regions of India are growing?

  • Yes they are
  • No they're not

3. Bottom-up development projects are set up to help small communities of people?

  • True
  • False

4. Which areas are normally the peripheral areas of a country?

  • Rural regions
  • Urban regions

5. Why are urban economies growing faster than rural ones?

  • They have better educational opportunities and more jobs
  • They are nicer so people spend loads of money to go and see them
  • Urban areas sell better things in their shops


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