GCSE Dance Quiz

Covers pretty much everything you need to know for your Dance GCSE exam:)

20 questions, includes multiple choice and true or false!

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  1. How many sections are there in Still Life at the Penguin Cafe?

  2. Who is the set designer for Still Life at the Penguin Cafe?

  3. What style of dancing is the Texan Kangaroo Rat?

  4. The ladies' costumes in Brazilian Wolly Monkey are based on a mix of traditional Brazilian national folk dress and the Brazilian film star Carmen Miranda - True or False?

  5. Name two of the Sections from Still Life at the Penguin Cafe

  6. What are the two main lighting colours in Perfect?

  7. Who is the set designer for Perfect?

  8. Motionhouse use 360 degree space in Perfect - True or False?

  9. What is the key theme of Perfect?

  10. How many sections are in Perfect?

  11. When was Swansong first performed?

  12. Who first performed Swansong?

  13. Who choreographed Swansong?

  14. How many sections are there in Swansong?

  15. Swansongs' Dance style is all Ballet - True or False?

  16. What does a Tertiary structure look like?

  17. If injured...

  18. What does the 'R' stand for in PRICED?

  19. What are the two biggest sections on the Eatwell Plate?

  20. You should ALWAYS warm up and cool down, before and after dancing - True or False?



Swansong was first performed in 1987, you should change that. Otherwise, quite a useful quiz, thanks!


This quiz is wrong about swan song.

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