GCSE Chemistry - Hydrocarbons

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1. Alkene has what properties?

  • flexibility, high boiling point, high viscosity
  • a single bond, saturated, cannot add more hydrocarbons
  • a double bond, unsaturated, can add more hydrocarbons, extremely reactive
  • low boiling point, low viscosity
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2. What does sulfur dioxide cause?

  • Global dimming
  • Acid rain
  • Thicker layer of greenhouse gas
  • Global warming

3. Carbon Dioxide is taken in by trees in what process?

  • deciduous
  • photosynthesis
  • growth
  • respiration

4. The larger the amount of carbon atoms =

  • the thicker viscosity
  • the less flammable
  • the higher boiling point
  • the lower the boiling point

5. Combustion produces:

  • Methane and Carbon dioxide
  • Water and methane
  • Carbon dioxide and water
  • Carbon monoxide and water


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