GCSE AQA Chemistry Unit 3: Water

I don't understand Chemistry at all...

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1. What is the purification process for water?

  • Chlorination, Filteration, Sedimentation
  • Sedimentation, Filteration, Cholrination
  • Filteration, Sedimentation, Cholrination
  • Filteration, Cholrination, Sedimentation
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2. What are the stages of the water cycle?

  • Evaporation, Precipitation, Condensation, Hydronation
  • Hydronation, Evaporation, Conensation, Precipitation
  • Hydronation, Condensation, Evaporation, Precipitation

3. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals.

  • True
  • False

4. What are the two compounds usually found in hard water?

  • Calcium & Magnesium
  • Calcium & Carbon
  • Calcium & Hydrogen
  • Calcium & Oxygen

5. Where does rain water obtain these two compunds from?

  • The soil and rocks
  • The trees
  • The air
  • The grass




2 things to correct: 1 i'm sure about, the other I'm pretty sure about

The one which I'm sure about is that the rain water obtains the compounds and the water in general obtains these compounds by running over rock containing these compounds (e.g. Chalk)

The one which I'm pretty sure about is that Breweries are set up in soft water regions :).

Otherwise, good quiz :D. 4/5 :).

Tom Wright


Thanks, it was helpful for testing my knowledge

George Ridsdale


A few of your answers are wrong. An example is question 7. It is not 'all of the above' because it is opinion that hard water tastes better.

Daniel Crosby


Hard water does not taste better. I lived in London and i can tell you its disgustin!



people's opinions differ! :)



thank you so much



Daniel Crosby ur funnnnnnnnny!!!



thankyou i found this very helpful :)

Chloe Hughes


In the AQA book it does mention about hard water tasting better so it's probably a plausible answer to use on an AQA exam. Great quiz, by the way!



Question 7 is wrong as it doesn't matter if hard water doesn't corrode lead pipes as we don't even use lead pipes for transporting water as lead is POISONOUS!!!

Former Member


Amendment: question 7, hard water forms a scale the insides of pipes, stopping poisonous ions such as lead from getting into drinking water. It also stops iron pipes from rusting.

Ramzy osman


You are all nerds that have no lives. Peace out mother *******

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