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1. What are the functins of the Cardiovasular system?

  • make blood for the body
  • transport substances, control body temperatures, protect the body from infections
  • aid movement, support, and protect vital organs
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2. What causes high blood pressure?

  • Recreational drugs; smoking, alcohol, salt and stress
  • regular exercise
  • systolic and diastolic blood pressure

3. What is Tidal Volume

  • total volume of air inhaled in your biggest breath
  • total amount of air breathed in and out in one cycle
  • amount of air you can forcibly breathe in and out

4. What is the correct definition of Health?

  • a state complete mental, social and physcial wellbeing
  • to meet the demands of the environment
  • a type of physical activity used to improve health and fitness

5. What is Stroke Volume?

  • number of times heart beats per minute
  • amount of blood pumped out of the heart per beat
  • amount of blood leaving the heart in one minute


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