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2. What is the test(questionairre) you do before fitness?

  • Fitness questionairre
  • Par-Q
  • Park
  • Are you fit enough?

3. What is the M in SMART targets

  • Measureable
  • Motivational
  • Meals
  • Metamorphic

4. Name all BPCARS

  • balance, principles of training , composition, rate, speed
  • Balance, Power, co ordination, agility, reaction time, speed
  • body composition, power, cardiovascular fitness, reaction time, speed
  • body, protein, carrots, asparagus, running, sweets

5. What is the definition of Cardiovascular fitness?

  • the amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance
  • The abilty to use the body for long periods of time without fatigue
  • The ability to use voluntary muscles for long periods of time without fatigue
  • Running around for a long time


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