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2. Why was Roosevelt's death significant?

  • Roosevelt frequently clashed with Stalin at the Yalta conference and could not agree with him
  • Because Truman was very anti-communist and found it hard to agree with Stalin
  • His death was followed by a day of national mourning

3. Who was at the Potsdam conference?

  • Attlee, Truman and Stalin
  • Attlee, Roosevelt and Stalin
  • Churchill, Truman and Stalin

4. What was the status of Germany at the time of the Potsdam conference?

  • Germany had just been defeated
  • Germany had not yet been defeated
  • Most of the German army were fighting Japan

5. What was agreed about Germany in the Yalta conference?

  • Germany would be split into four zones
  • Germany would be split into three zones
  • Germany would be split into two zones


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