GCSE History - Yalta and Potsdam

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1. At Yalta, it was agreed a government of 'national unity' would be set up in Poland comprising of communists and non communists. Why, at Potsdam, was Truman angry at Stalin?

  • He prevented the government of 'national unity' being set up
  • He had arrested the non-communist leaders in Poland
  • He had murdered all the non-communists in Poland
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2. It was agreed Germany would pay reparations, why were there disagreements about this at Potsdam?

  • Attlee and Truman thought Stalin wanted too much in reparations
  • Stalin thought Attlee and Truman wanted too much in reparations
  • Truman wanted USA to receive the most in reparations to cover military expenses

3. Who was at the Yalta conference?

  • Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin
  • Attlee, Roosevelt and Stalin
  • Attlee, Truman and Stalin

4. At Yalta, the 'Declaration of Liberated Europe' was agreed, what was it?

  • An agreement that all Eastern European countries could hold free elections
  • An agreement that there would never be an international war in Europe again
  • An agreement that Germany would have to pay reparations

5. What was the status of Germany at the time of the Potsdam conference?

  • Most of the German army were fighting Japan
  • Germany had just been defeated
  • Germany had not yet been defeated


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